Administrators Workshop

Welcome to the GeoNode Training Administrators Workshop documentation vlatest.

This workshop will teach how to install and manage a deployment of the GeoNode software application. At the end of this section you will master all the GeoNode sections and entities from an administrator perspective.

You will know how to:

  1. Use the GeoNode’s Django Administration Panel.
  2. Use the console Management Commands for GeoNode.
  3. Configure and customize your GeoNode installation.


Before proceeding with the reading, it is strongly recommended to be sure having clear the following concepts:

  1. GeoNode and Django framework concepts
  2. Good knowledge of Python
  3. Good knowledge of what is a geospatial server and geospatial web services.
  4. Good knowledge of what is metadata and catalog.
  5. Good knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Usage of the GeoNode’s Django Administration Panel
GeoNode has an administration panel based on the Django admin which can be used to do some database operations. Although most of the operations can and should be done through the normal GeoNode interface, the admin panel provides a quick overview and management tool over the database.
Management Commands for GeoNode
GeoNode comes with administrative commands to help with day to day tasks. This section shows the list of the ones that come from the GeoNode application.
Configuring Alternate CSW Backends
pycsw is the default CSW server implementation provided with GeoNode. This section will explain how to configure GeoNode to operate against alternate CSW server implementations.
Customize the look and feel
You might want to change the look of GeoNode, editing the colors and the logo of the website and adjust the templates for your needs. To do so, you first have to set up your own geonode project from a template. If you’ve successfully done this, you can go further and start theming your geonode project.
Debugging GeoNode Installations
There are several mechanisms to debug GeoNode installations, the most common ones are discussed in this section.
Changing the Default Language
GeoNode’s default language is English, but GeoNode users can change the interface language with the pulldown menu at the top-right of most GeoNode pages. Once a user selects a language GeoNode remembers that language for subsequent pages.
Loading Data into a GeoNode
This module will walk you through the various options available to load data into your GeoNode from GeoServer, on the command-line or programatically. You can choose from among these techniques depending on what kind of data you have and how you have your geonode setup.
More on Security and Permissions

This tutorial will guide you through the steps that can be done in order to restrict the access on your data uploaded to geonode.

First of all it will be shown how a user can be created and what permissions he can have. Secondly we will take a closer look on to layers, maps and documents and the different opportunities you have in order to ban certain users from viewing or editing your data.

Backup & Restore GeoNode - Data Migration
How to perform a full backup / restore of GeoNode and GeoServer catalogs and how to migrate data. Customization backup / restore fixtures and data manglers.