Configuring Alternate CSW Backends

pycsw is the default CSW server implementation provided with GeoNode. This section will explain how to configure GeoNode to operate against alternate CSW server implementations.

Supported CSW server implementations

GeoNode additionally supports the following CSW server implementations:

Since GeoNode communicates with alternate CSW configurations via HTTP, the CSW server can be installed and deployed independent of GeoNode if desired.

Installing the CSW

GeoNetwork opensource Installation

See for further documentation.

deegree Installation

See for further documentation.

Customizing GeoNode CSW configuration

At this point, the CSW alternate backend is ready for GeoNode integration. GeoNode’s CSW configuration (in geonode/ must be updated to point to the correct CSW. The example below exemplifies GeoNetwork as an alternate CSW backend:

# CSW settings
    'default': {
        # The underlying CSW implementation
        # default is pycsw in local mode (tied directly to GeoNode Django DB)
        #'ENGINE': 'geonode.catalogue.backends.pycsw_local',
        # pycsw in non-local mode
        #'ENGINE': 'geonode.catalogue.backends.pycsw',
        # GeoNetwork opensource
        'ENGINE': 'geonode.catalogue.backends.geonetwork',
        # deegree and others
        #'ENGINE': 'geonode.catalogue.backends.generic',

        # The FULLY QUALIFIED base url to the CSW instance for this GeoNode
        #'URL': '%scatalogue/csw' % SITEURL,
        'URL': 'http://localhost:8080/geonetwork/srv/en/csw',
        #'URL': 'http://localhost:8080/deegree-csw-demo-3.0.4/services',

        # login credentials (for GeoNetwork)
        'USER': 'admin',
        'PASSWORD': 'admin',