Using GeoNode with other applications

Your GeoNode project is based on core components which are interoperable and as such, it is straightforward for you to integrate with external applications and services. This section will walk you through how to connect to your GeoNode instance from other applications and how to integrate other services into your GeoNode project. When complete, you should have a good idea about the possibilities for integration, and have basic knowledge about how to accomplish it. You may find it necessary to dive deeper into how to do more complex integration in order to accomplish your goals, but you should feel comfortable with the basics, and feel confident reaching out to the wider GeoNode community for help.

OGC services

Since GeoNode is built on GeoServer which is heavily based on OGC services, the main path for integration with external services is via OGC Standards. A large number of systems, applications and services support adding WMS layers to them, but only a few key ones are covered below. WFS and WCS are also supported in a wide variety of clients and platforms and give you access to the actual data for use in GeoProcessing or to manipulate it to meet your requirements. GeoServer also bundles GeoWebCache which produces map tiles that can be added as layers in many popular web mapping tools including Google Maps, Leaflet, OpenLayers and others. You should review the reference material included in the first chapter to learn more about OGC Services and when evaluating external systems make sure that they are also OGC Compliant in order to integrate as seamlessly as possible.

Use GeoNode with: